Information about The Karma Sutra of Tantra

Tantra, otherwise known as Tantram, originated in 5000BC and is a religious philosophy where Shakti is the main divinity that is worshipped and the universe is thought to be a spiritual play of shakti and shiva. Religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Bön and Jain have been greatly influenced by the tantric movement as it encourages ritual and spiritual practices that strive to break free from ignorance. Those who practice Tantra aim to use the divine power (prana) that streams through the universe and within our own bodies to achieve valuable goals.

By believing that everything experienced is the solid creation of the energy that the Godhead creates and upholds in the universe, Tantra embodies beliefs and practices to ritually channel the energy in artistic and liberating ways. To reach the full mystical experience, a guru is highly recommended in guiding you in this journey as well as other tools such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, mantras, visualizations of the deity, postures, gestures, words, phrases and porno movies and symbolic diagrams.

Females can be used to represent goddesses and sacred sexual intercourse can be applied to enter the fundamental universal structure. When this ritual exchange occurs, each partner blesses the other in an energetic, physical, mental and spiritual way. Tantric sex is the portal to a deeper level of communication, healing, love and passion that leads to higher level of consciousness. To assist in your sexual journey, visit the adult sex toys.

The purpose of Tantra is to pursue spiritual excellence and magical power to achieve full control of oneself and the forces of nature, in order to unify with the cosmos and the divine. To help prevent climax and orgasm we recommend buying tramadol